Hello world!

hello world

Ello’ Friends! Welcome to my blog and thank you for stopping by! I created this blog for a few reasons. I have a large trip coming up, and I wish that I started a blog earlier to capture my past trips and travels. Also, I want to share with friends, family, and whoever else is interested in sharing the unique experiences that I have. It is so fun to explore new places, and I hope that through my posts you will be able to share in my adventures.

My upcoming trip will consist of myself and my friend Andrea (who many of you know) backpacking through Europe. Even though I will be in some very fashion forward places, this will most certainly not be the most fashionable time period of my life. But hey, I did my best packing the backpack! Did I mention I only have a backpack…! Over the next month, with $30 a day, a good friend by my side, and adventure on the horizon, I will visit 10 countries. Friends and family members will be visited in a few, and we will work on 4 farms, each in a different country, for a total of 5 weeks. So – for this trip, Farm = Fashion! Our list of stops is as follows: Scotland, France, Luxembourg, Brussels, Holland, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Italy and finally Spain. I am hoping to meet a few goat friends, (maybe even a baby animal if my luck plays out) learn how to make wine, harvest olives, eat delicious meals, and even sleep in a tipi! I am sure there will be some bumps on the road, and some unpredictable moments, but for the next 61 days I will be on a modern day odyssey. See you on the other side of the pond!


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