First Stop: Scotland, Home of the Unicorns

Edinburgh castle 2‘Edinbugh Castle, located in the heart of the downtown city’

Cheers, from Scotland’s capital city, Edinburgh, where the bagpipes still play, the beer always flows, and the national animal is a Unicorn… seriously, look it up! What a charming place! We happened to pass through Edinburgh during the Fringe Festival, the worlds largest arts festival! The streets were bustling with artisan vendors, musicians, and performers, making for a very exciting visit to the capital city. Walking the streets was for sure a highlight of the trip, as we experienced many unique fusions of culture presented through the arts! It was an amazing time to be in the city!

“Bagpipe – Drum Fusion”


“Newest Souvenir – Handmade Fork Bracelet!”

I have never thought of Scotland as a hub for yummy food, but I must say that we ate very well! Who knew that a fast food joint selling only baked potatoes could be popular, or even desirable? After taking advice from the locals, we decided to try the ever so talked about “Scottish Baked Potato”, and it was life changing!baked potato 1

baked pot 2

“Baked Beans and Cheese & Avocado Salad Baked Potatoes”

I also indulged in “fish and chips”, Scottish shortbread (which is SO  underrated! I could eat it everyday!), and yes, we even tried Haggis. What is Haggis do you ask? It is a traditional Scottish dish, comprised of sheep liver, tongue, stomach, and heart… When in Rome!

the royal mile

“The Royal Mile Tavern”

fish and chips

“Traditional Scottish Fish and Chips”

haggis aftermath

“Haggis aftermath.. not the worst, but definitely not the best!”

Other highlights of the trip included retiring early to our hostel each night to drink wine and eat shortbread, hiking Arthurs Seat, experiencing my first “tea time”, and eating lots of Brie!


“Wild and Crazy Nights in Scotland!”


“Tea Time”

arthur 1

“Arthur’s Seat, 822 Feet to the Top, Formed by an Extinct Volcano System”

arthur 2

“Walking Took Approximately 1 Hour From Bottom to Top”

arthur 3

“Exploring the Scottish Hills!”

Arthurs 5

“Almost There”

arthurs 4

“View From the Top!”

Arthurs 6

“Post Baguette and Brie Picnic Desert; Irish Chocolate – Yum!”

arthurs 7

“Worlds Most Awkward Picture Award Goes to Us…”

We snuck onto a walking tour, and though the guide noticed, he was nice enough to let us stay. Some additional sights we saw were the Scott Monument, St. Giles’ Cathedral, and the Mercat Cross.

giles cathedral

“St Giles’ Cathedral”

scot monument

“Scott Monument – Dedicated to Writer, Sir Walter Scott”


“Mercat Cross, the Scottish Unicorn Can be Seen on the Top Left”

I loved my time in Scotland! Now onto new countries which don’t use the pound. Cheers!

on to the next one

“Off We Go”

castle rock hostel

“Our Hostel – Castle Rock – Beautiful View, Fun, Nice People, Great Atmosphere, Coffee & Tea Available at all Times!”


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