Paris In A Flash // The Travel Gods Are With Us

la tour

“To Live Is To Learn”

Travel gods.. they are real… and they have definitely been with us on this trip.

Timely has never  been an adjective I would use to describe myself… We departed for the Edinburgh airport with plenty of time to spare before our 1:25pm flight to Paris. Upon arrival, we learned that it would cost 35 quid (Approximately $54) to check our monster packs. So we did what any budget travelers would do, and we decided to reshuffle our packs, and smile our nicest smiles while attempting to take our packs as carry on’s, on a European budget airline. Of course, we got held up in security due to large liquids and key chains, and before we knew it the time was 12:55pm, the time that our gate was scheduled to close.. Andrea was still finishing up with security, so I ran ahead to try to hold the gate. Luckily, the boarding line was still very long when I arrived at our gate, but the line quickly began to shrink before Andrea arrived, at 1:19pm.. 6 minutes before our scheduled departure! We were referred to as “runners” by the friendly Scottish airline workers, and luckily, after being the last passengers to board, we made our flight!

par 1

“Relieved Faces – We Made Our Flight!”

We arrived at our hostel at 7:00pm. It was pouring rain in Paris, but we decided to venture out and explore the city, since we only had until noon the following day to see all that we could see! We didn’t make it all the way to la Tour Eiffel, which was over an hour walk away, due to the cold, rainy weather, but there was something extra special and romantic about seeing the city desolate and empty at night.


“Our Hostel in Rainy Paris”

Par 3

“A Lovely Couple On A Romantic Parisian Night”

Par 2

“Us And All Of The Other Tourists Who Ventured Out In The Rain”

save 1

“The Lourve in Z Rain”

paris 2

“Locks Of Love With La Tour Eiffel In The Distance”

We decided to wake up and depart our hostel by 7:30am to see La Tour Eiffel, the Arc De Triumphe, and the Cathedrale de Notre dame. To no surprise, we slept through our alarm, and left our hostel at 9:00am. Our first stop was Notre Dame! It was truly beautiful, and after a moment of admiring the beauty, a group of tourists asked to take a photo with us… Before we knew it, the group had filtered through and had all taken a photo with us! Such a funny experience!

Paris 3

“Making New Friends At Notre Dame”

paris 4

“Beautiful Notre Dame”

pretty in p

“Pretty Parisian Cafe”

At this point it was almost 10:00am. Our scheduled train was departing at 12:10pm, so we had only about an hour to make our rounds, return to the hostel, and make our way to the train station. Waaalaaa! An idea! We had an epiphany as we passed a bike rental shop, and decided that the only way we would be able to see all that we desired was to rent a bike.. and so the adventure continued! We arrived at the La Tour, circled it for about 5 minutes, and continued our journey through the city of love.

paris 5

“Speeding Past La Tour Eiffel!”

paris 6

“Riding Fast Trying To Catch A Glimpse of the Arc De Triomphe And Catch Our Train”

Paris is HUGE! After biking up a very large hill, we finally arrived at the Arc De  Triomphe – at 10:45am! We were over four miles away from our hostel which we needed to get back to to grab our packs, check out, and make it to the train station at 12:10pm. So we zoomed on by!

paris 7

“Arc De Triomphe”

I was biking SO fast that our map of Paris flew right out of my bike basket! Crisis averted –  We used our keen sense of direction and navigated back to our hostel, arriving at 11:20am.. We fumbled around with the check-out and the Paris subway system, and… drum roll… our train was 45 minutes late! Hooray, because we were running very, very late! Next, we will head 2 hours West to a small village in Normandy where we will meet our first host farm family. Stay tuned! Au Revoir!


“Lunch At The Train Station – The French Know What They Are Doing!”


8 thoughts on “Paris In A Flash // The Travel Gods Are With Us

  1. Wow, I am really impressed with your writing skills.  You should write a short book on the trip.  I wish I was there, but I am not, I have a good idea——————- I will retrace your path in the future using all your contacts.  Maybe I can visit you during the last week of your journey.  I am glad you and Andrea are having a good time. Love Dad   p.s. practice the 8 point blocking exercise, and remember each block is followed by a strike.


  2. Ladies! so happy to see that the rain did not stop you from walking the city of love. You both are becoming global travelers, I am so proud of you two. I am really enjoying all your experiences through your pictures and comments, can’t wait to see more. Very nice picture with the family in Notre Dame and the bikes in from of the Eiffel Tower….my fav!


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