Mangia Mangia! The Theme Of Italia

I can’t write about Italy without mentioning the off of the planet food! Thank goodness for a fast metabolism and lots of walking around the farm, or my Italy 5 would have been an Italy 15! I indulged in everything that came before me, regardless! They say when you fall in love you gain some love weight, and that is exactly what happened here in this yummy corner of the world! In this post I will relive my Italian food journey through pictures! I hope you have fun scrolling through these delish moments in time!

Caution: This post may induce intense hunger, cause your mouth to water, and trigger a strong desire to purchase a flight to Italy! Don’t say I didn’t warn you!


  1. Everything is fresh
  2. Coffee is not optional
  3. Meals are nearly all meatless
  4. Italians know how to cook
  5. Italians know how to eat

We begin with Coffee & Pastries



more pastrys

Doesn’t Get Any Better!

Perfectly Imperfect Apples Make For The Most Best Apple Pie!

fresh break

Breakie Looking Bellissimo


Zuppa Always Hit The Spot!


Ricotta Stuffed Figs, Mussel Pasta, Mojitos & Vino




zuch fl


Stuffed Zucchini Flowers From Z Garden

eggplant stuffed zuchini flowers

Farm Directly To Table


Italian Broccoli = Heaven 


Gnocchi & Other Deliciousness


Melanzane Alla Parmigiana

Pasta Primavera With Garden Fresh Veggies


Sashimi From A Fresh Catch Of Mediterranean Tuna


Napoli – The Home Of The Perfect Pizza

On our way out of Italy and onto Spain, we decided to make a pit stop in Napoli for just a few hours. As a pizza enthusiast, there was no way I could not try the most famous pizza in the world. Signore e signori, this was the most amazing treat ever! I actually cried during the experience, because it was THAT good! Also, I had a moment, because I realized that I was eating pizza in Napoli after stomping grapes with my bare feet in Italy after previously visiting 8 other fabulous countries. This was one of the most special moments of the trip!


The Happiest Travelers

We visited Pizzeria Trianon De Ciro, which I would highly recommend since they have the most magical pizza on earth! Each pizza costs €7 which is super affordable considering this stuff is priceless! It was so good that we ordered one to go and took it on our flight to Barcelona. We received some strange looks and a few laughs as we had to send our pizza box through the airport security machine! One flight attendant told us this was a first for him. It was so necessary and just as delicious hours later on the airplane!

Arrivederci Italy, until we meet again!



4 thoughts on “Mangia Mangia! The Theme Of Italia

  1. Spending 3 weeks in Italy was one of the highlights of my life, so I totally get it! The food, the coffee, the music, the lifestyle….Oh, how I wish I can be there again. I had my first taste of stuffed zucchini flower in Florence, it’s life changing. Great post!! Thanks


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