24 Hours In Luxembourg


Carrots are such a handy snack. They are sweet, crunchy, healthy and colorful travel buds, and I always appreciated them while on the road… The long, long road… to rail… to road…and beyond. After hours and hours of traveling.. alas! We have arrived in the teeny European country of Luxembourg, for a teeny tiny stop over on our route to Belgium.

hostel yard

Hostel Courtyard

We arrived to the hostel and needed a little time to rest our brains from the hours of travel before heading out to explore our surrounds. The afternoon rain helped us do just that. We had a glass of red wine, broke off a piece of chocolate, and enjoyed the view of our adorable hostel courtyard.

There were two driving reasons for our pit stop in Lux:

  1. It was on the way..
  2. We were informed that the best chocolate in Europa would be found here…

#2 was confirmed; I have never experience the amazement that was Luxembourgian chocolate. Although we just passed through the country for a short stay, we found much more than initially expected.

Day 1

After regrouping, we decided to use our afternoon to explore Luxembourg’s old historical district. What a beautiful place! We walked around and took in the picturesque beauty of the Grund quarter, which encompasses a valley between Luxembourg City and the small Alzette River. In the historical district of Luxembourg city, there are amazing remains of the Fortress of Luxembourg, which was built back in 963, and survived numerous attacks, until it was finally demolished in 1867. There are a number of ruins of the old fortress and the underground tunnel system that once existed beneath the castle. How neat! The natural landscape paired with the beautiful ruins are what make this part of the city so enchanting. We had a wonderful evening!


Quiet Streets Of Luxembourg City


Sunset Walk On The Alzette River

Remnants Of The Luxembourg Fortress & The Casemates (Underground Tunnels)


Sunset Stroll 


The Winding Alzette River In All of Its Beauty

Day 2

Our bus to Brussels was departing at 1:00pm, so we woke up early to seize as much of the morning as possible! We ventured into the city center, which was bustling compared to the previous day, and stumbled upon a beautiful market filled with flowers and produce. Here we purchased some carrots and broccoli for the bus trip to Belgium, and continued on in search of the worlds best chocolate!


Strolling Through Town


Flowers Everywhere!


We found it! The Chocolate House ! Just as we were advised, we went in, and did not come out empty handed. The shop is adorable, and filled with truffles, cakes, tarts, and other sweet delights. These chocolates were not the most budget friendly, but they were worth every euro spent! My favorite was the coconut pyramid, which was heavenly! For the chocolates lovers that Andrea and I are, Luxembourg was a perfect stop on our way to the hub of all chocolate hubs; Belgium! After a joyful morning, we packed up and continued on to explore the next stop on our adventure!

After spending weeks on the road, and traveling in a different way than ever before, I learned a lot about my travel style; what I liked and what I will do differently in the future. Stopping in a city or town for under 24 hours is not my preferred way to experience a new place. In the future, if I have the chance to stop somewhere new with just a few hours, I will most definitely take the chance, but I would prefer to stay for at least a few days! It was rushed, and there is no way to even begin to capture the people or culture in such a short amount of time. With that being said, I am so happy and grateful to have visited little Luxembourg, and I cannot wait to visit again in the future!


The Best Souvenirs Are Edible!


Food Art


On The Road Again!



8 thoughts on “24 Hours In Luxembourg

  1. I agree wholeheartedly that 24 hours in a new place is never enough. But you certainly made the most of your time in little Luxembourg — and you’ve made me want to go there, too! Great post.


  2. I’ll always remember Luxembourg as where I watched Obama’s inauguration in 2009, in an incredibly terrible “Mexican” restaurant. That night was pretty good, but if only I’d known about the chocolate, it could have been even better.


  3. Wow, what a great memory! I remember where I was watching the inauguration too! You will have to return, if only for the chocolate! I also visited a really great Thai restaurant called “Ukulele” which was delicious and had live music! 🙂


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