Chasing Sunset

“Everywhere we look, complex magic of nature blazes before our eyes” – Vincent Van Gogh

Every night here in Hawai’i, the sun sets… Shocker, right!? A beautiful, colorful, fiery sunset. It is one of the most humbling moments of the day; to engage in the last rays of light before the sky goes dark. I totally love it!

The shocker is that here in Hawai’i people take the time to watch it, to enjoy it, and to soak it in! This special moment happens every day, everywhere, wherever you are! Why is it that until a few weeks ago I never took the time to be captivated by the fleeting beauty of the sunset? From now on, I have a recurring afternoon date!

Sometimes I forget that we live on a planet that rotates around a big burning ball of fire. Watching the sun slip over the horizon every afternoon reminds me of the complexity of this life that we were all born into. Every day is a gift, and taking the time to slow down and enjoy the sunset is seriously good for the soul!

Island life is lived at a way sloowweerr pace than life on the mainland (at least where I am from!). Here people really appreciate these simple moments that are easily looked over and lost to the hustle bustle of mainland life. Slowing down has enhanced each of my days here on Hawai’i! Guess what?! Because the sun sets everywhere, you can watch it too! You don’t even have to be here on this little island in the middle of the pacific to enjoy the moment! So grab a frisbee, grab a friend, grab a beer, maybe some music, and challenge yourself to slow down and lose yourself in the moment!

I have shared some of my favorite sunsets since arriving here on Oahu! Where is your favorite place to watch the sunset?

June 10, 2016 // Waimea Bay


June 11, 2016 // Pipeline, Pupukea


Good Times – Good Vibes  – Good Life


June 15, 2016 //  Ali’i Beach, Hale’iwa


June 16, 2016 // Sunset Beach




June 17,2016 // Kaena Point


This sky was on wild fire!


June 18, 2016 // Anahulu River, Hale’iwa




June 19, 2016 // Ali’i Beach Park


One side sunset – one side rainbow!



Playin’ around in the sand!


June 21, 2016 // Chun’s Reef Beach


Finishing up a sunset surf sesh! There is no better place to watch the sky light up than from the water!


June 27, 2016 // Laniakea Beach (Turtle Beach)




I hope that you make time tonight to connect with nature and enjoy the sunset – wherever you are!


7 thoughts on “Chasing Sunset

  1. Athina, Grazie! I am/was…came home last night. Then I’m off to Berlin on July 11th for 8 days! Ido need to get to Hawaii though now that I am seeing your pictures.


  2. My gosh. I’m speechless. What stunning photos! And what a beautiful lesson you’ve learned through your observations, too. I’m so glad you’re there … and so grateful to be able to share in some small part of it through your blog. Mahalo.


  3. Another great post! I am so excited to officially be back in Cali now where I can begin to watch the sun set over the ocean again…something I have missed over the last few years!


  4. Athina you are blossoming with every experience and each moment without taking anything for granted. I admire you and always be your biggest fan. Throughout your pictures and your reflections you have touch all your readers and those who know you. Thank You so much for sharing, thank you for being so humble and so special. I can not see the sunset from my room window but i sure enjoy your awesome pictures.


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