The Wet & Winding Road To Hana – Maui


Unexpected elements, like weather, my traveling amigos, is one of those very elements that we have zero control over. So when the skies opened on the day that Mamasita and I had planned to embark on an epic road trip up Maui’s Hana coast, we had two choices..

  1. Stay safe and dry in the hotel room…
  2. Brace the tropical downpour and dance in the rain along the way…

Naturally, we chose option 2. And although the amazing, world famous views of Maui’s coast were not visible, we had a  wonderful day!

The Hana Highway on the island of Maui is dubbed one of Hawaii’s great drives… known for breathtaking views of the turquoise pacific ocean on one side, and plunging waterfalls tucked away in jungle mountains on the other. The windy “highway” takes about 600 cliff-hugging turns, with many portions being wide enough for only one vehicle. This, my friends, is an adventure! A road trip for the history books and blogs! A travel tale that you will never forget! I highly recommend this epic adventure, even if you must complete it in the middle of a torrential tropical downpour!

We departed from Kahului in the morning, and were hopeful that the weather would hold up for our day long expedition on the road to Hana. Our first pit stop was in the cute town of Paia, and look what we found! 5 large Hawaiian Honu sunning themselves! There is nothing like watching these majestic creatures come in and out of the water. They are the cutest!

We continued along and pulled off at a few waterfalls and fruit stands, enjoying the jungle plants, the guava trees, and the aloha spirit!


Respect The Land – Leave Only Footprints

Guava season was in full swing during our Maui visit!

We next visited the Garden of Eden Arboretum, with 26 acres of trails, tropical blossoms, rare trees and vibrant colors, it is a must see stop on this journey around the island! Even though it was raining cats and dogs, it was still a beautiful sight! We saw rainbow eucalyptus trees and flowers and trees and lush green tropical cliffs! And how many people take a hike in the jungle under a warm downpour? There was something so peaceful about embracing the elements! We can check that off the list!


Beautiful Views! … Well, We Can Always Imagine Them!


More Exotic Jungle Plants!

We Did Catch A Glimse Of The Waterfall!


I Love These Rainbow Beauties!

Not Much To See At This Lookout!


Rainbow Eucalyptus!

Keopula Rock Overlook!


Om Shanti

Some Exotic Jungle Plants!

We headed back to our hotel after visiting the Garden of Eden. On the way we pulled off at a small beach, and saw EIGHT Honu’s! 8 Beautiful, enormous, sun-bathing Tortugas! It was amazing!


After this day full of excitement, it was time for a feast! Maui Onion – onion rings, and grilled Ono! Aka – Heaven! A hui hou, Maui!


My Travel Partner – My Mama!


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